Wills and Probate

Whether to have a will, a trust – or nothing at all is an issue that everyone who owns something should decide. And whether your ‘something’ is everything you ever wanted or only what you need, we recommend that you work with us to learn what will happen to your possessions after you are gone, decide how you might want to change that, and, while you are at it – what you can do to help the people you leave behind avoid as many taxes, attorney fees and court costs as possible. Of all the services we provide to our clients, peace of mind and confidence that an estate will be well handled is one of the most valuable.

If a trust must be administered after the death of the person who established it or if an estate must be probated, you can count on our attorneys and staff to lead you through each procedural step required of trustees, executors and administrators, to point out every option available to you to save taxes and costs and, perhaps most importantly, to work the trust or estate to closing as fast as possible – without cutting corners since, when it comes to quality, we turn square corners every time.