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Know Your Employment Rights

Posted by Elaine Gray on March 1st, 2015.

Discrimination, Harassment and the At-Will Employee

Should a dental hygienist who was fired by her boss for being irresistibly attractive have a case for wrongful termination? What about an employee who reported illegal business practices and was fired just days later?

Since mo...

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Faulty Products Put Patients at Risk

Posted by Elaine Gray on April 1st, 2015.

Some Popular Medical Devices Escape FDA Scrutiny

Countless patients around the world depend on advanced medical devices to improve their quality of life. As the $110 billion medical device industry cranks out thousands of products every year, eye-opening reports continue to surface de...

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Dog Bites Can Be Prevented with Better Education

Posted by Elaine Gray on May 16th, 2015.

The old saying “dogs are a man’s best friend” might be news to the more than four million people bitten each year, most often children and the elderly. Some of these attacks result in emergency room injuries, reconstructive surgery and – for 39 people in 2013 – death.

Of course, no one ...

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