Personal Injury

When you are hurt, you need to concentrate on getting better. You do not need to keep track of who paid what for each of your bills, who wrote off what portion of your bill, or who you must pay back if you are able to hold responsible the  person who hurt you. You also do not need to try to get better on the one hand while trying to convince a barely respectful, highly skeptical insurance adjuster that you actually were hurt on the other (as opposed to faking – which appears to be the “go to” defense nearly every time).

What you “do not need,” we do for a living. We can take care of every aspect of a personal injury case from property damage to subrogation. And with contingency fees available (typically based on one-third of a client’s recovery), you do not have to worry about paying for expensive legal fees if your case turns out to be one that does not merit compensation.