Construction Law

Whether your businesses are family-oriented (like ours) or whether you are involved with the construction of a home, a public facility or a large commercial facility, we can help you. We have broad knowledge and experience in almost every area of construction law and offer innovative advice, assistance and representation to clients through all phases of construction from initial planning and development to contract formation and performance. Over the years, we have also participated in all types of dispute resolution from arbitration to class actions. The right approach to a problem typically determines the financial success of a construction project. We know that, we know how important it is to our clients, and we continue to stake our reputation on our clients’ successes.

Our skills have benefited clients insofar as we have applied our general knowledge of practices and customs in the construction industry to help them negotiate and draft contracts prior to award and helped explain contract terms so our clients know what they can and cannot do once they have signed a contract. We have represented property owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, lenders, sureties, engineers and developers in construction law matters. We provide a full range of services to our clients from planning, contracting and administering a project to resolving disputes through negotiation, arbitration and trial.